Quantitative research is aimed around questions that can be answered and dealt into numbers showing the end result, this type of research can be used to find how people feel, think or act towards a certain subject the survey is just based on, which would be dealt with and handed out most commonly on a highly populated high street or over a telephone interview, questioning a wide range of people with closed questions, which means they have been done so they will be definitely answered with a set response with the answers they have been given to choose from. Advantages that come from Quantitative research are the fact it can provide reliable information and accurate results and statistics, also it is quick and easy research or though the disadvantage lacks feeling and emotion from the person being questioned for a survey that can be given when using Quantitative research.

Qualitative research seeks out more debatable answers through unstructured information; this type of research doesn’t rely on an overall statistics, it simply relies on the individual thoughts and ideas of the person being answered whatever questions. Advantages that can come from Qualitative research is a massive understanding of how someone feels about the question being answered and is more debatable with the numerous different points when the certain question and topic is being looked out from a totally different point of view, this information is highly valuable to the survey with the different meanings and feelings that can relate to other answers or make more of a debate. The disadvantage of this is of course some sources will perhaps be bias as the person may have a strong opinion and belief on the matter and this could question the authenticity and reasons of the response that has been given. For example a job for a newspaper is of course a journalist, in this case a sports journalist where a question could be asked about how fans and famous or well known managers felt about the England Football Team’s performance in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, instead of getting just a percentage of who was really disappointed and who wasn’t would be very un-informative, so using Qualitative research would be more interesting so readers could read about the different views of this subject instead of just  a simple set answer.